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Introducing our newest member of our Board of Directors...

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Jonathan Bauman, M.D., LFAPA (ABAP Diplomate 1996-present)

"Achieving certification in Adolescent Psychiatry provided my staff and me with a credential that gave us recognition of being experts in the field in which we practiced. For me, this was of continuing value through my career as a hospital administrator, outpatient provider, and, later, as CMO of a community outpatient clinic". Jonathan Bauman, M.D., LFAPA, ABAP Certified 1996

Dr. Bauman is one of many general psychiatrists whose skills and expertise benefitted from ABAP Certification. As a Director, he will assist in assuring the integrity of our certification, recertification, and continued certification activities processes. Congratulations, Dr. Bauman!

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