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Meet our Latest ABAP Diplomate, Mustafa Hussain, M.D., Amarillo, TX

Dr. Hussain is one of two ABAP Diplomates in our history to undergo the initial certification process twice, and pass each time! Originally ABAP certified in 1997, his certification unintentionally lapsed in 2007 and when he realized that this had happened, too many years had passed. His only option was to re-apply and re-take the certification examinations. When ABAP President, Dr. Gregory Barclay phoned Dr. Hussain recently with his examination results, Dr. Hussain explained that the ABAP Certification process definitely bolstered his confidence in working with troubled teens at a Texas State Facility where he is Medical Director of an Adolescent Day Treatment and Outpatient Program.

Dr. Hussain's commitment to maintaining his professional credentials, even when it meant passing all the ABAP educational requirements and examinations again, is truly an inspiration to all of us!

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