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Meet one of our first Diplomates who is also our longest continuously certified Diplomate!

Richard Ratner, M.D., was Board Certified by ABAP in 1992, having served on the task force originally organized in 1989 to develop the ABAP certification process as an alternative for general psychiatrists working with adolescents and young adults who were not necessarily interested in working with children. After the certification process was launched, he remained a member of the ABAP Board of Directors until his retirement from the Board in 2019. During those 27 years, he contributed his many skills in writing examination questions, reviewing candidate clinical case reports, and helping ABAP design and set operational and education policies.

Dr. Ratner still volunteers his services to ABAP, while maintaining a full time and busy clinical practice in Washington DC.

Read more about why Dr. Ratner believes ABAP Certification is important below:

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