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Continuing Certification Activities (CCA) and Recertification now made "Ridiculously Simple"!

Effective July 1, 2022, The American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry will implement a simpler and more flexible policy pertaining to Continuing Certification Activities (CCA) and Recertification in Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry.

What will change? Here are the highlights:

  • Continuing Education: Now, you may obtain your Category I CME credits anytime during your period of active certification. Gone is the previous requirement of 10 credits per year. No more worries about missing a few hours one year or getting a few wasted extra hours another! (The total required Category I CME hours relevant to clinical practice of Child, Adolescent and/or Young Adult Psychiatry remain 100 hrs for initial 10 year certification, 50 hours for subsequent 5 year recertification)

  • Annual Fees: Now, these are eliminated! Gone is the $50 annual fee. For those Diplomates who have paid fees or prepaid fees during their current period of active certification (10 years initial, 5 years recertification), their recertification fee will be discounted dollar for dollar at the time of recertification (Look for your discount coupon in our inbox soon if you have made payments!).

  • Optional Recertification Exam: Now, you will have the option of taking an online Recertification Examination in lieu of the Continuing Education requirement at no extra charge. The recertification examination will also now be a default option for Diplomates who fail to meet the CME criteria in terms of relevance and appropriateness. Gone is the worry about being turned away at recertification time for lack of sufficient relevant CME credits

Want all the details? Here is the policy (also posted on our website under the "ABAP policies" tab).

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