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Meet 2020 ABAP Diplomate, Babatunde Adetunji MD. MA. MS. FASAM. DFAPA

Dr. Adetunji is President and CEO of The Executive Center for Psychological Medicine, Voorhees, New Jersey.

When asked why ABAP Certification appealed to him, Dr. Adetunji responded:

"Board Certification in Adolescent Psychiatry is a very unique certification and specialization category. I am already board certified in General Adult psychiatry , Forensic Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine (ABPM). However, I found that my private practice caseloads are increasingly including young adults and adolescents. This is not unusual given the stress that young adults have gone through the last few years of covid pandemic. I initially searched for an organization where i could regularly update my knowledge in Adolescent Psychiatry and found the American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry. Later I realized there is a certification pathway to hone my skills and also improve my confidence in treating my patients , as well as confidence in parents in entrusting the care of their sons and daughters to me. That led me to the path for certification"

We asked Dr. Adentunji to share how ABAP Certification has enhanced his confidence and skills in working with Teens and Young Adults:

"The requirements for certification is rigorous but fair. To fulfil the criteria, you have to obtain a certain number of CMEs in Adolescent psychiatry. By doing this, I found that even after certification, I am devoting a significant portion of my educational tasks to reading journals, articles and researches in the area of adolescent psychiatry. This has improved my confidence and skills in treating this special population"

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