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Continuing Certification Activities (CCA)

The American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry (ABAP) sponsors board certification in Adolescent & Young Adult Psychiatry. ABAP is a semi-autonomous body presently organized under the auspices of The American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry (ASAP). Membership in ASAP is NOT required, however, for candidates to obtain and maintain Board Certification in Adolescent and Young Adult Psychiatry.


Guide to CCA and Recertification in Adolescent & Young Adult Psychiatry (download guide)

After the initial 10-year certification, recertification is for a period of five years.  Continuing Certification Activities are required of all board-certified Diplomates. It is the responsibility of Diplomates to submit any continuing education documentation and submission of CME as it is obtained is recommended, in order to not jeopardize their recertification at the time of recertifying.  This is required by the end of the certification period regardless of the certification term (10 or 5 years).

The American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry (otherwise referred to as ABAP) established the following requirements to ensure that Diplomates of ABAP retain and maintain competence in the treatment of adolescents, young adults, and their families:

Completion (effective the first full year of certification/recertification) of the equivalent of 10 hours of Category I CME specifically in child/adolescent/young adult psychiatry: While annual CME is recommended, it is not required. Rather, the total hours of CME obtained during the current certification period is what is required (100 hours initially, 50 hours for subsequent recertification periods). Documentation is to be supplied to ABAP prior to recertifying using the link at the bottom of this page.  If a question exists as to whether a given CME program is applicable, the candidate should obtain written approval from ABAP. ABAP will acknowledge all CME approved and logged via email.

Recertification Examination: Candidates who wish to recertify at the end of their initial or current certification period, in lieu of obtaining and submitting relevant Category I CME per the above paragraph, may opt instead to take an online recertification examination. There is no charge for this examination as it is considered part of the recertification fee payable at the time, just as the ABAP review of any relevant CME is considered part of the recertification fee. Note: Any candidate who fails to meet the CME requirements at the time they are required to recertify will automatically default to the recertification examination in order to be recertified. Any candidate who takes the recertification examination must achieve a passing score of 70% in order to be recertified. 

Annual CCA Fees: These annual fees have been eliminated effective 1-1-22. Any Diplomates who have made annual fee payments during their active certification period through 2022 will receive a credit against their next recertification fee.if they submit proof of payment for fees paid for 2022 and afterwards at the time of recertification application. Those Diplomates with credit on account who desire other arrangements should contact the ABAP Executive Office via email or our contact page.


ABAP may revoke the certification of Diplomates who do not meet all requirements for continued certification.  ABAP reserves the right and responsibility to alter these requirements with adequate notice.


For certification/recertification information, visit our FAQ page!

For more information about certification/recertification, contact the National Office: (302) 803-4813 or

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